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Varaha Purana

Varaha Purana

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The Varaha Purana (वराह पुराण, Varaha Purana) is one of the major eighteen Mahapuranas, a genre of Hindu religious texts. It describes in detail about the Varaha incarnation (Avatar) of Vishnu, and narrates about the rescue of the Prithvi.

 Varaha Purana is a Hindu religious text and is considered as one of the major eighteen Puranas. The work owes its title to the fact that it is related to the goddess Earth (Prthivi) by Lord Vishnu in his third incarnation as a wild boar (Varaha avatar). It tells the tale of the rescuing of the earth from Rasatal by the Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Though it contains brief allusions to the creation, the genealogies, etc., it is not a Purana in the ancient sense of the word, but rather a manual of prayers and rules for the Vishnu worshippers. It has been said, if one copies down this Purana and gives it as gift along with a golden image of Garuda on the full-moon day in the month of Chaitra (April) one will attain Vishnuloka.



Content of Varaha Purana

The book of Varaha Purana has been compiled with 24,000 verses in it. The chief subject of the Varaha Purana is the rescue of the world from Rasatal. The Varaha Purana in essence depicts the sinful mortal existence of man in Kali Yug, which led the god-created earth to Rasatal. The human beings, due to their sins, have to suffer inevitable and inescapable atonement. The verses of the Varaha Purana, depicting the significance of vratas lead the mortals to perform hard penitence, to get rid of their agonized existence in the Kali Yug.


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