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Vamana Purana

Vamana Purana

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The Vamana Purana , one of the eighteen Mahapuranas , a genre of Hindu religious texts, is devoted to the Vamana Avatar of Vishnu . It has a eulogy praising both Vishnu and Shiva .

There are ten characteristics evident in Vamana Purana (in fact, in all or most of the Puraans).

They are:

  1. Sarga
  2. Visarga
  3. Sthaana
  4. Poshana
  5. Uti
  6. Vritti
  7. Raksha
  8. Manvantara
  9. Vansha
  10. Upaashraya

Sarga deals with the descriptions of the origin of this universe. Visarg enlightens us as to how a living thing transforms itself from one species to another. Sthaan, Poshan, Uti and Vritti deal with the descriptions of various means which are employed by a man for his survival. Raksha describes about the various incarnations of Lord Vishnu which he takes for the protection of the humankind. Manvantara deals with the complete description of the history of the whole Manvantara period. Vansh describe about the lineage of all the kings including Lord Brahma. Upaashraya enlightens us on the real meaning of Brahma.






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